Sunday, January 9, 2011

African Art Tell About The African Paintings

Variance and diversity are the two features of African art, it might happen that you need some specific painting and you are unable to find out that, for the purpose guide of African art galleries are provided. African art is so much popular that lot of books is there depicting

    African art is very rarely popular outside Africa, but African paintings are very graceful and provides magnificent look to your room. African art, and it is not like guides containing information regarding African art are printed in English but it is printed in many other languages.

      There are many African art galleries depicting African art, so you can visit any near by African art gallery so as to view the paintings. African art depicts authenticity and reality of African culture. Paintings of African art can be divided into following categories:
-         Tinga Tinga: this African art was created by Edward Said Tinga Tinga, it mainly comprises of use of bicycle paint along with use of loud colours in order to display animal’s pictures, making it word wide famous.
-         Masai art: this African art use blade painting technique, in which oil painting is used with little touch of blade so as to provide different look. Masai African art paintings represents Masai tribes, who reside in the near by game parks of East Africa.
-         Contemporary African art: it is canvas based painting in which water colours are used.

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